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Water Jacket fireplace inserts

  1. All fireplaces with a water jacket made by Hajduk is subjected to pressure leak test on a special test bench before shipment.
  2. The thermal efficiency of the inserts with water jacket reaches 78%. Such good results were recently reserved only for air heating systems.
  3. The water jacket inserts by Hajduk are lined with chamotte, thereby higher and more stable temperature inside the combustion chamber can be obtained (compared to the inserts without chamotte lining).
  4. Hajduk water jacket inserts have radiator as a default equipment. It is made of a special corrugated stainless steel coil. It provides additional protection against overheating.
  5. Hajduk water jacket  fireplace inserts can be equipped with an internal heat exchanger as an option. It is a special ribbed coil with a properly chosen length, immersed in the water jacket. It allows for simple connection to the heating system without the use of an external plate heat exchanger.
  6. Water jacket inserts Volcano WL/HR designed without a vertical corner post provide modern style for your fireplace. However, due to the large surface, doors require a specialy chosen chimney which ensures the correct draft, burning seasoned dry wood and a good warm-up of the fireplace -  chimney system. Otherwise opening the door leaf can result in a significant distortion of chimney draft, leading to the withdrawal of the smoke to the room and other adverse events.

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