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Fireplace inserts

  1. Thanks to the modern double-jacket construction, Hajduk fireplace inserts  are reliable and durable heating devices.
  2. Fireplace inserts areequipped with 5cm chamotte fittings that allow accumulation of more heat and stabilize the temperature during long burning.
  3. Hajduk fireplace inserts are also equipped with an automatic three-stage control damper, so you can adjust the draft to achieve best combustion.
  4. The pipe enclosed in the flue of a Hajduk fireplace insert is an additional heat exchanger, used for the heat recovery from the exhaust.
  5. The self-cleaning glass Clear View is the default system used in all Hajduk  fireplace inserts - it allows for long-term maintenance of heat-resistant glass clean without the need for glass cleaners. One of the conditions necessary for the effective functioning of Clear View is using seasoned dry wood and proper technique of burning.
  6. The thermal efficiency of Hajduk fireplace inserts can reach, depending on the model, up to 85%. Such good performance means halved fuel consumption and it also safeguards the environment for future generations.
  7. Most of Hajduk fireplace inserts equipped with lift-up door utilize the Perfect Seal & Easy Roll system. Due to an advanced technological solutions it allows for quiet ease of use and increased tightness of the furnace.
  8. Hajduk Fireplaces are equipped as a default with the system of dividing air from the outside - Jet Stream. This system provides greater control over the process of combustion, lower fuel consumption and meets the requirements of modern construction rules.
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