Special offers

Buying the fireplace insert and the fireplace itself should be carefully thought-out decision, which is often also associated with a significant expense for the household budget. Take a look at Hajduk products – in a short amount of time you will see it was the best choice.

With its robust design, extensive standard equipment and aesthetic finish you receive the European PREMIUM class product. Because we manufacture fireplace inserts  for years and we are following the current trends in architecture and interior decoration, we can offer selected fireplaces in discount prices.

The models correspond to different expectations: they can serve as a significant source of home heating, be a typical decorative element of a  living room or it can power the central heating installation. Selection of the most appropriate model from the products available in our offer is entirely up to you.


  • Kominek na bazie wkładu Smart 2P
  • Kominek na bazie wkładu Volcano D