Warmth in its most beautiful form...

Fireplace with decorative elements made of marble or granite, the family sitting next to it on a cold autumn evening, merry flames visible through the glass. Who among us does not dream of such moments spent in the company of our loved ones after a long, tiring day?

Contrary to the popular opinion, building a good fireplace is not easy. We know this from our own experience as we are designing, building and installing fireplaces for years. The trends, solutions, design methods changed through the years. Fireplace inserts, which are warm heart of every fire and every home, also evolve. Thanks to a skillful combination of many elements a fireplace of your dreams may be created – it can be a classic living room fireplace heating your home or apartment, it can be a fireplace with a water jacket insert or, on a special order, a fireplace system distributing warm air into other rooms.

To avoid unpleasant surprises and to be fully satisfied, you should choose the fireplace available in our large offer - it will be made not only according to the current rules and the achievements of modern technology, but it will be also designed specifically for you, so that it can become the pride and glory of your home.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer on fireplaces shown on our website , product catalog or in person at the sales office in Gorzow Wielkopolski, in our showroom in Deszczno or our showroom in Szczecin. Here you will be convinced of the diversity and reliability of our products. Our offer was based on hundreds of fireplaces, designed according to the wishes and needs of the individual investors – we can safely say that each fireplace created by us is different. They difference lies in the color of marble, granite, sandstone, in usage of decorative wooden beams, tile inlays available in many colors and use of rustic brick or clinker.

For your convenience, expert customer service designers serve with their advice and knowledge. They make sure that all of your expectations are met.

Designers that create our fireplaces specifically for you:

Jacek Brzozowski

  • Kominek na bazie wkładu Smart 2P
  • Kominek na bazie wkładu Volcano D