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Technical parameters

Smart XTh - frameless door
Door size
550 x 450 mm
Nominal power
7 kW
Heating range
4-10 kW
Energy efficiency
Average efficency
83 %
Exhaust outlet
180 mm
Air inlet
150 mm
Length of logs
40 cm
150 kg

Meets Ecodesign requirements and EN 13229, BImSchV level 2 for Germany, Art.15.A for Austria and LRV for Switzerland

Advantages of HAJDUK fireplace inserts:

  • Modern, double-walled steel and chamotte construction, a solution proven for years - a fireplace for many years
  • The flue of the insert is permanently and reliably welded to the body, without the use of sealing materials and screws, welding robots are used, welding takes place in a noble gas shield - welds are of good quality and tight - safety in everyday use
  • Structural elements are cut on 2D and 3D laser cutters and then processed on bending machines and numerically controlled bending machines, including bending in a bending cell by a robot, mechanical elements made on a modern CNC machining center - precision of workmanship at Hajduk - Polish manufacturer of European Premium class
  • Hajduk fireplace inserts are painted on a technological painting line: shot blasting, robot painting and drying - the latest technologies for the highest quality products
  • Heat-resistant ceramic glass with a temperature resistance of up to 800°C, depending on the model of the insert, it is possible to use a double or pyrolytic glass
  • Jet Stream Superior external air supply and distribution system, primary air supply through the ash pan and secondary air supply in the upper rear part of the firebox. Primary air makes it easier to ignite the first and subsequent loads of wood, secondary air ensures economical and ecological combustion - very precise control of the combustion process
  • Clear View glass self-cleaning system - helps keep the glass clean
  • The mechanism for lifting the door opened upwards CLING - light and precise operation of the mechanism ensures high comfort of operation
  • Inserts with the CLING mechanism are equipped with an inspection hole accessible from the inside of the hearth, facilitating service activities without the need to destroy the often very expensive fireplace casing - no additional costs in the event of a failure
  • A system of three deflectors, the first vermiculite to raise the temperature in the furnace, the second and third steel to extend the exhaust gas path, high temporary and average efficiency up to 90% depending on the model - saving firewood and protecting the environment
  • The hearth is lined with ceramic fittings - temperature stabilization in the room - high thermal comfort
  • High heat accumulation capacity - durability for many years
  • The bottom of the hearth is properly lowered in relation to the door - provides space for loading wood and ash - comfort for the user
  • Removable ash pan in the form of a bucket - convenience of use
  • The construction of the frame is optimized in terms of rigidity, they also have a limiter of excessive door deflection, a seal placed in the door leaf - many years of trouble-free operation, proper adhesion and tightness of the door when working in very high temperatures
  • Brushed steel handle in inserts with doors opening upwards - elegance and modern style
  • Ergonomic ventilated door handle with adjustable clamping force - the possibility of self-adjusting the clamping force - facilitated servicing
  • Radiators on the sides and at the back of the insert - stiffening the structure and increasing the heat exchange surface - durability and efficiency at an increased level
  • Feet and screws for positioning the insert and leveling unevenness of the floor, a box with a connector for connecting combustion air from outside the building - easy assembly
  • Hajduk fireplace inserts are suitable for houses with recuperation - the efficiency of modern construction

Thanks to many years of experience and the use of proven technological solutions, we provide a 5-year warranty for traditional inserts, 5 years for inserts with a water jacket for closed central heating systems.

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