Warmth in its most beautiful form...
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Technical parameters

Door size
420x420/510 mm
Nominal power
7 kW
Heating range
4-9 kW
Energy efficiency
Average efficency
79 %
Exhaust outlet
150 mm
Air inlet
125 mm
Length of logs
25 cm
135 kg

Meets Ecodesign requirements, BimSchV2 for Germany, Art.15a for Austria

Hajduk freestanding stoves are modern and ecological heating devices that meet the strictest European standards, designed to heat both smaller and larger rooms. A wide range of models with perfect proportions and minimalist forms is a proposal that fits perfectly into almost any interior, giving it an individual style and character. A beautiful vision of fire inspires admiration and gives a unique atmosphere when relaxing on winter evenings.

Unique design, comfortable and safe use, high quality products are the features that ensure the satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

The freestanding PIXEL wood stove with a modern form with a double-sided vision of fire is an ideal proposition for people who want to use the space in their home practically. PIXEL fireplace stoves are offered in three heights: Pixel L - 133 cm, Pixel XL - 153 cm, Pixel XXL - 163 cm. The models differ in the height of the base (40 or 60 cm) and the height of the top panel (40 or 50 cm).

The PIXEL fireplace stove has a closed combustion chamber lined with accumulation ceramics with a removable cast iron grate and an ash pan. The air inlet connector provides constant access to combustion air, therefore it allows the installation of the stove in houses with mechanical ventilation or recuperation. The system of multi-directional aeration of the fuel and the construction of the flue gas tri-deflection ensure perfect combustion and economy at the highest level. The ergonomic regulator allows you to smoothly control the power of the device, and the ventilated handle of the handle increases the comfort of use. All PIXEL models offer the option of installing the exhaust outlet in two planes - vertically upwards or horizontally on the back of the stove.



Accumulation ceramics
Cast iron grate and ash pan
"Frameless" door with SCHOTT Glass Decor arched glass
Air inlet connection fi-125
Adjustable flue outlet fi-150
Self-cleaning glass system "Clear View"
Central controller of the combustion rate
Ventilated black handle handle
Decorative panels and black rear covers
Height-adjustable feet

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